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Bun Thang

For long time, Bun Thang has become as a typical delicious dish of Vietnam cuisine in general and especially in Hanoi. Indeed, this dish is the really perfect combination of color, flavor and taste. That is maybe a reason which attracts foodies and travelers at first sight. Speaking about Hanoi cuisine, Bun Thang can not help being mentioned in the food list of Hanoian. Nobody knows when Bun Thang was born but the locals enjoyed tasting this dish long time ago. Some people said that this dish derived from how to save and to process the left-over foods from Tet festival. During the Tet, a lot of foods are prepared such as sticky rice cakes, pork, chicken, fried spring rolls, salad, soups so on and the locals have to repeat these dishes in the first 3 days of Tet so much that they feel being fed up with them. Not having to throw the foods away, women as housewives in each family just thought that they needed to cook a different soup by using the left over foods from Tet. That is a reason Bun Thang was born and has been existing until now.

This noodle soup is indeed delicious in flavor and very attractive in the appearance. In the middle of the bowl is a circle surrounded by thinly sliced omelette, chicken, sliced pork roll with brown mushroom and prawn with green onion on top.

The ingredient of Bun Thang is very simple and they are easily found in the local market. But making a delicious bowl of noodle is not easy. Therefore, Bun Thang is considered being the most sophisticated dish of Hanoian. The cook must be picky and careful for every step of choosing the ingredient. The broth is really important to form the exact taste of Bun Thang. The cook should skim the pot during cooking to prevent the water from becoming frothy. The broth should be transperant and sweet. Bun Thang Hanoi is appealing with the combination of colors, flavors and even sounds that are pleasant to enjoy. The radish is crispy and sounds perfect with the sweetness of Vietnamese dish. To taste a bowl of Bun Thang like this is to appreciate a work of art which is full of color and taste. It is also how diners receive the sincerity of skilful and meticulous housewives.

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