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Let's begin our story

Xin Chao/Hello/Guten Tag!

My name is Anh. Let me begin my story that is very simple and I hope all of you will enjoy reading.

Since I studied at the university, I have been falling in love with tourism and hospitality. After graduating, I worked for some of five star hotels in town such as Hilton Hanoi Opera and Hanoi Sheraton. During the time of work, the opportunities to learn about this field, which was quite new in Vietnam 20 years ago, were approaching me. This is a very good environment where I could practise my spoken English with foreigners and improve my skills in customer services. One day, I decided to leave Hanoi for Sapa where I could continue my work in the challenging environment of Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa. Whilst living and working there, my journeys around Sapa to remote villages were made to enjoy the spectacular landscape and to get more knowledge about the nature, the culture and the local people.

In a beautiful day on the hiking road with friends, one thing just came up to my mind if I could bring Sapa to the world so that more travelers know it because of its charming landscape, friendly local people and rich culture as well. From that time, Sapa Sunshine Travel was born. Our team has been continuously working to offer travelers the interesting journey to have the authentic experiences together with the best quality of service.

Being proud to be one of the best tour operators and travel agencies, we are moving on to extend our services in the aim to bring travelers the incredible journeys in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the best offer ever.

Yours truly,

Anh Nguyen (Mr.)

CEO Of Sapa Sunshine Travel

Time To Travel To Beautiful Countries

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