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Cua Dai

As one of the most beautiful beaches in Hoi An, Cua Dai is situated in Cam An ward, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province. It is at the confluence of 3 rivers, namely Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River and De Vong River before pouring into South China Sea. Owning a length of 7 km, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Quang Nam province with the great number of potential for tourism development. Cua Dai Beach brings a particular beauty captivating tourists from over the world with endlessly white sandy shores stretching, clear blue sea water along with the gentle and romantic waves… Immersed in this wonderful beach is one of the best things to do in Hoi An.

Having long been known as the most enchanting tourist attractions in Hoi An, Cua Dai highlights with gorgeous houses along with the system of luxury resorts built environmentally friendly in many styles of modern amenities. The beach is increasingly captivating thanks to the colorful flowers surroundings with their own fragrance. The stretches of willow downing the sand or rows of green bamboo towering towards the sky in the sunshine are surely stunning images any tourists will would like to explore when setting foot on the beautiful beach in Hoi An. In particular, tourists can freely travel or take bathing in anywhere on Cua Dai Beach.

Here, a large area is used as a park right at coastline and public beach. The beach is always kept in the cleanest way.

The atmosphere at Cua Dai is relatively fresh and soothing creating the relaxing and comfortable feelings to tourists. Welcoming new day from the windows of the resort overlooking the sea, tourists can comfortably catch the dawn. In particular, the afternoon is the best time for tourists to immerse in the cool blue waters. The light waves, sparkling sandy shores in the sunshine along with the breeze carrying salty taste of the sea surely offers tourists the fresh and much more relaxing feelings. Tourists can lie on the sand, hearing the sea breeze and whispering waves, or experience their own favorite sports right at the beach.  This is actually wonderful experiences on the journey of exploring Hoi An travel to Cua Dai Beach.

To fully contemplate the beauty of Cua Dai, tourists should take a stroll on the beach at night. Night at Cua Dai Beach looks like a lantern garden with hurricane lamps of hawkers. Right on the beach, the locals freely purchase fresh seafood, grilled dried squid… with affordable prices. They are also enormously polite and have conscious of environmental protection. Going to Cua Dai, it will be a big deficiency if tourists miss to enjoy seafood. Seafood here is tremendously fresh and varied: roasted salted crab, steamed red snapper, baked clams with lemon salt, grilled tiger prawns and steamed mullet…  Having a chance to enjoy these delicious dishes with famous Tra Que vegetables and Phuoc Trach wine, tourists will certainly never forget the fascinating journey.

Over years, the number of international tourists going to Cua Dai Beach makes it much more exciting. Standing before the immense and tolerant blue sea in Hoi An, tourists will certainly feel serene and holy.

The sea and nature seem to erase all troubles of the daily life, which surely makes tourists much more relaxed. Setting foot in Cua Dai in any Hoi An tours, tourists will actually feel happy and cheery; simultaneously, experience pretty impressive and unforgettable moments. With its own distinctive characteristics, Cua Dai was voted in position of 18 in the list of 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia by Tripadvisor’s readers – a famous magazine of US. Cua Dai Beach thus gradually becomes one of the most appealing spots in Hoi An tourism alluring large number of international tourists.

Articipating in Cua Dai Beach in particular and the beach resorts in Hoi An in general, tourists also have a chance to visit numerous other tourist attractions nearby such as Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village, Tra Que vegetable village… which are famous for their own traditional products. In addition, tourists will be easily fascinated by the handicraft items of local including silk, antiques and paintings. The locals here have retained the moderate, harmonious and simple lifestyle. They are indeed open-armed, hospitable and honest people. Tourist can find easy to catch smiles, the gentle eyes, reliable face everywhere in Hoi An in general and Cua Dai in particular. Among the bewitching tourist spots in Hoi An, Cua Dai Beach is worth the most impressive attractions for those who love the beauty of nature and charming landscapes.

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