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Da Lat

Dalat Vietnam or Dalat city are two of the most common keywords on search engine. Why is this city so famous? What are the factors that make this place so special? So to help you have a better overview of this city. Today, Hoa Dalat Travel would like give you the general information about the flower city.

A city with the temperate climate, this city is located on the Lam Vien plateau of Lam Dong province. Dalat is currently the largest tourism city in Vietnam with an estimate of 1,172,568 tourists arrived in November 2017. If you want to find out more about its climate, history and tourist attractions. Let’s follow me to the following sections.

General information about Dalat 

Dalat is not just an ideal destination, but a relaxation paradise as well. When it comes to summer, there are two main reasons to travel to this place. First an foremost, this city has a gentle beauty as well as the cool climate, so you can really refresh yourself and avoid the hustle and bustle lifestyle in other places.

Which province is Dalat?

Dalat is now the first class city of Lam Dong province. This beautiful and famous city is located on Lam Vien plateau of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Geographical location

Dalat city is 278 km from Bien Hoa city; 1.481 km from Ha Noi capital and 293km from Ho Chi Minh city; 205 km from Nha Trang. If you go the pass road, it only takes over 3 hours to reach Nha Trang city.


Dalat has flights to Ho Chi Minh city, Vinh, Da Nang, Ha Noi and vice versa. Lam Dong has the main road as national highway 20 running through Dalat, Bao Loc, Di Linh, Ma Da Gui to Dong Nai province.

In addition, Lam Dong province is located on the national highway 27 including Phan Rang Thap Cham city(Ninh Thuan) – Lam Dong – Daklak(Buon Ma Thuot), road axis 28: Binh Thuan – Lam Dong(Di Linh) – Dak Nong.

From Ho Chi Minh city if you go by car on the national highway 20, it takes about 8 hours (about 300 km) to reach Dalat. In the future, when the highways are in operation, the time will be greatly shortened.

Origin Of Dalat City

In the late 19th century, there was a Swiss doctor of French army, Alexandre Yersin. He was ordered to find a resting place for the French. Then the Central Highlands is the chosen place because of the similarity in climate to France. After that, he went to the Lang Biang plateau and that lead to the birth of today’s flower city.

Time found

After exploring the entire Southeast region, on June 21st 1893. Doctor Yersin has set foot on the Langbiang mountain area. Thanks to his important discovery that changed the history of Dalat city.


A meaningful maxim like Latin cities in Latin “DAT ALLIIS LAETITIUM ALLIIS TEMPERRIEM”. The first five words combined into the word Dalat mean “giving this person the joy and giving the other the coolness”.

But according to many ethnographers, it is not true. Dalat’s name is derived from Da Lach pronounced by the Lach people. This is one of three tribes belonging to the K’ho family that share a common life in the northern regions of Lam Dong province .

Particularly, Lach people live from the foot of LangBiang mountain to Dalat city, occupying  around Xuan Huong lake area where a small stream flows through.

According to the language of K’ho, Da or Dak means water, river, stream; Lach (Lat) is the tribe name of the K’ho people. So Da Lach is a stream of Lach people.

For more than 100 years, this foggy city’s name has many different meanings. But today, we return the original meaning of Dalat. It is a stream of Lach people, a homeland of Lach people, a member of a large family of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

The climate of Dalat – A foggy city

Due to the terrain favored by nature, located at an extremely ideal height. So Dalat city is surrounded by immense green pine forest, along with all year round cool temperate climate. Dalat is the city with the best climate in Vietnam. The climate is cool all year round, the average temperature is not exceeding 20 – 21 degrees Celsius – even the hottest days. And one more special thing is that Dalat is not too cold. During the winter months, the temperature is not less than 10 degrees Celsius.

Dalat city has 2 distinct seasons: the rainy and dry season.

Dry season

General information: mostly starting from December to March. The estimated annual amount of radiation is not as high as 2,258 hours / year.

Rainy season

General information: from April to October. But most of the time it peaks on July, September and October. This season, Dalat is often affected by the Southwest monsoon. The average rainfall is 1 562 mm and the average humidity is 80%.

In Dalat, there is also a typical weather phenomenon which is fog. The most popular times are from February to May and from September to October.

Dalat Specialties

Dalat specialties are much loved and much enjoyed by many travelers. It includes many fruits: persimmon, plum, peach, avocado and many unique ethnic dishes and souvenirs of this highland region.

Beautiful fowers

The beauty of Dalat is also amazes and attracts visitors with thousands of unique flowers such as roses, immortal flowers, Rhododendron, Salvia splendens, mimosa flower, Prunus Cerasoides,…..


Dalat’s residential community is a very unique integration of people from the North and Central South regions. The whole province has over 20 ethnic groups, the largest group is Vietnamese, followed by M’Nong, Ma, Co Ho … People around Dalat and Di Linh grow vegetables and flowers to supply to the Southern provinces:

Dalat imbues itself a legendary Central Highland cultural identity. The gentle people make their living by farming, gardening, planting coffee, tea, raising animals, etc.

At the village festivals, visitors will watch the ethnic folks dance, sing and play unique instruments which sounds like howling winds and waterfalls flowing on rocky rapids.

Dalat people are gentle, friendly and hospitable like the colors of cherry blossom petals. The life of Dalat people are the traditional ethnic culture combined with a liberal western lifestyle. It makes visitors feel amazingly comfortable when staying in this city.

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