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Dennmark has 7000 approved baby names

Denmark is one such nation that has unusual naming laws. Parents can only choose a name from a list of 7,000 names. The laws also require that the name must show the gender of the child and not be unusual. Furthermore, surnames cannot be the first ones. Imaginative spelling of the usual names is also not permissible under these laws. The names must be in line with Danish orthography. For instance, the name Camilla is allowed under the regulations, but spelling it as Cammmilla is not allowed. Furthermore, some ancient Danish names are protected by the law. Some of the prohibited names include Pluto, Monkey, and Anus. Approved names may also include Fee, Molli, Jiminico, and Benji.

The authorities have several reasons for putting in place these naming laws. They seek to protect the children from being given odd names that suit their parent’s desires. Many children face abuse when they are younger due to having a different name. The names are also regulated in order to identify the gender of a child without confusion. The laws are also used to protect some Danish last names that are rare or of noble history.

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