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Do & Don't

To make your travel experience more enjoyable in Laos, There are some simple but important Do’s and Don’ts you should remember throughout your stay.

By respecting Laos customs and culture you will get so much more from your experience in Laos, earning the respect from the local people makes for far more interesting and successful local interactions, and best of all, it will aid you getting those good prices in the local markets!

Take a look at the list below and read the cartoon (see link), which should help you remember what you should/should not do in Laos.

Respect local customs. Observe how locals behave and take cues from your tour guide on what’s appropriate. Remember, you are a guest in someone else’s home. Here is more info on cultural Dos and Don’ts in Laos.

Be mindful of Laos’ conservative culture. Dress conservatively – tank tops and bikinis are not appropriate attire to wear in villages or in town. Avoid overt public displays of affection and foul language.

Respect local people when taking their photographs, especially of children. Generally, locals are happy to be in your photos if you respect their space. If possible, ask permission first. Don’t follow people around and try to avoid snapping photos of them doing personal things like bathing. Show the photo to them after you’ve taken it.

Protect the environment and respect cultural resources. Be mindful of where you walk to avoid disturbing the natural ecosystem – stay on trekking paths or in designated areas. Help preserve Laos’ centuries-old architecture and archeological treasures by avoiding, climbing on or touching them.

Purchase local handicrafts and products to support the local economy. Plus, they make unique souvenirs! We don’t discourage bargaining but urge you to remember that a person’s livelihood depends on your purchase.

Do not engage in child sex exploitation, or exploitation of any kind.

Respect human rights in Laos just as you would at home.

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