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Do I Need Travel Insurance for Vietnam?

Yes, all visitors to Vietnam must be covered by a minimum of travel medical insurance with a liability of $10,000 or more for COVID-19 treatment. A more robust travel insurance policy for a trip to Vietnam is optional, but highly recommended due to the unpredictable nature of international travel.

Although the only travel insurance legally required to visit Vietnam is the medical coverage related to COVID-19, there are many other aspects of a trip overseas that can quickly become costly if things go awry. Travel insurance for Vietnam can be a great asset in unexpected situations, lessening the financial burden on a traveler in an emergency or otherwise difficult situation.

Vietnam trip insurance can include a variety of coverages designed to assist travelers in unforeseen situations. Travelers may choose between plans that offer specific coverage for their unique concerns, which may include airline delays or disruptions, sudden illness or injury while abroad, trip cancellation, and much more. These coverages do vary by plan, so be sure to review your policy carefully before purchasing.


How Much is Travel Insurance to Vietnam?

The price of Vietnam travel protection can vary depending on the age, health status, and number of travelers being covered, as well as the duration of the trip and type of coverage.

As risk involved with the trip increases, prices may also increase. For example, a trip to Vietnam that lasts one week may cost less than a two-week trip, even if the type of coverage is the same, due to the extended length of the trip. Additionally, a traveler with pre-existing health conditions can usually expect to pay higher rates than a traveler who does not have any diagnosed pre-existing conditions.


What Does Travel Health Insurance for Vietnam Cover?

Each Vietnam travel medical plan varies just as each trip and traveler varies. A travel medical insurance plan for Vietnam can be purchased as a standalone plan or as a part of a comprehensive travel insurance plan. A comprehensive travel insurance policy offers coverage for various travel-related expenses, such as cancellation, lost baggage, or delays.

At the very least, your travel health insurance for Vietnam must include a minimum of $10,000 liability to assist you in the event of any COVID-19 treatment.

Some common coverages to consider for a trip to Vietnam include:

  • Motorcycle/Motorbike travel insurance
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions (obtaining a waiver for the condition before traveling)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Certain high-risk activities like rock climbing are not covered by all travel health insurance plans. For tourists who want to partake in such activities, it’s highly recommended to add a hazardous sports rider to your Vietnam travel medical plan.

Before purchasing any travel medical coverage for Vietnam, it’s recommended to contact your domestic health insurance provider to understand how your health insurance policy will cover you while traveling abroad. Some domestic health insurance plans can assist with circumstances like hospital stays overseas, while some do not offer international coverage. Getting those details first can help you understand what additional insurance you may need to fill in any gaps in your protection in Vietnam, as well as avoid paying for any excess services you wouldn’t need.


Should I Get Travel Insurance for a Trip to Vietnam?

Travel insurance is recommended for all visitors to Vietnam. Travelers may consider a policy that includes travel-related coverages such as emergency medical treatment, delays, and lost or damaged baggage. The minimum legal requirement to enter Vietnam is travel medical insurance that covers COVID-19 with a liability of at least $10,000, but many more unforeseen situations may be covered with additional Vietnam travel protection.

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