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Sner Beach

On the Beaches, Koh Kong in Cambodia, Sner Beach,  lie in the hammock, relax, eat and drink well. Enjoy the breeze and the sound of the sea from the Gulf of Thailand, which should not be missed.

Some Cambodians have built several huts with tables, chairs, benches, loungers and hammocks. The locals are friendly Khmer’s and strive for the welfare of the guests even if sometimes there are communication difficulties. For families with children a perfect place.

There is a good and rich food offered. Starting with the fish come fresh daily from the fishing boat. Offered shrimp, crab, fried squid with rice and vegetables, depending on season. Of course, there are also cold drinks.

With the bicycle motorcycle, motorbike taxi or Tuk Tuk. Once there is a break from the holiday and travel stress well.

At the Beach Koh Kong – Sner Beach – in Cambodia.

The Crab Shack at the Sner Beach, was the first to stand up on the beaches Koh Kong in Cambodia in 2008 by a local Khmer family, with the approval of the Local Authorities. This was the state of the expats living in Koh Kong and very popular with the tourists as recreation, excursion and place.

Of course, other locals have noticed that there are to make money and in the course of time there were more families that offer something.

Thus has done at the Beach Koh Kong – Sner Beach – for tourism something.

The stalls and huts on the beaches Koh Kong are not fixed structures. This was not authorized to happiness.

If you come from the Sner Beach, Koh Kong in Cambodia, running by the end of an old fishing village, the people live mainly from fishing.

Rent a small boat or make a boat tour with one of the vendors to Koh Kong Island. Have a nice day with swim and snorkelling in Cambodia.

Make a BBQ with fish, meat and veggies at the beaches on Koh Kong Island in Cambodia.

Beaches on Koh Kong Island in Cambodia.

On Koh Kong Island in Cambodia there are seven beaches. On one of the seven beaches is the Koh Kong Island Resort Hotel and the White Sand Beach Resort.

Highly recommended to relax, snorkel, swim or just lie on the Sner Beach in the sun and do nothing.
If you have enough of the beach of the island and the water, there are other options in Koh Kong and to explore the surroundings.

A Jungle Tour in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia, day trip or overnight stay. Visit the mangroves on foot or by boat. Or stay in Koh Kong Town in your hotel and do?

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