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Som Moo

Som Moo is a Lao fermented, pickled sour pork sausage that is a beloved dish in Laos. While it is definitely an acquired taste due to the sour notes, it is a food that you’ll find at all Lao gatherings. Som Moo is made of raw pork that is left to ferment over 3 days. Often, this scares non-Lao people due to the concern of bacteria. However, in this post, I’m going to share with you the details of this mainstay meal in Laos as well as how to make this delectable snack on your own.

It is both a snack and an ingredient that has a lightness to it, but packs a whole lot of flavor due to the garlic and salt. It has definite sour tones with an acquired texture due to the incorporation of shredded pork skin.

Laos sour pickled pork sausage is known as Som Moo. It is a preserved pork sausage that is made from lean minced pork, shredded pork skin, and seasoning. It is then wrapped with leaves or plastic wrap and allowed to self-fermented for 24 hours before serving. There is no heating or cooking of the pork involved in making som moo. Som Moo can be found pre-made at most Asian grocers. However, making it is just as easy and delicious.

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