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Tam Mak Hoong

Tam mak hoong is a kind of salad made from the main material of green papaya. In terms of material, Tam mal hoong is quite simple with sliced unripe papaya, bean, chili, brined crab, hog plum and lime.

However, under the skillful hand of Lao people, tam mak hoong has perfect flavor. The most important factor making tam mak hoong delicious is its combination of tastes. In Tam mak hoong, the quintessence of Lao cuisine converged as this dish consists of four main tastes: sour lime, hot chili, salty of savory fish sauce and sweetness of palm sugar. As tasting a dish of papaya salad, you can feel the crispy unripe papaya and fresh crab – the present of Mekong River for the locals. This delicious dish is eaten by population along Mekong River as one of the traditional staples of the Lao.

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