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History is at the heart of Vienna – literally and figuratively in central Europe. The narrow streets with antiquated buildings provide an authentic atmosphere that you almost expect Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Sigmund Freud to greet you with “Guten tag” at the local cafeteria.

If it’s a culture you seek, you’ll surely find it in Vienna. From the Schönbrunn Palace to the Hofburg Palace to the perfectly manicured gardens, this city is the definition of charm.

But there’s more to this city than just music and monarchs. Vienna is also a great place to visit independent bookstores, and there are also a surprising number of attractions for young ones, including amusement parks and a top-notch zoo.

And although many Viennese retire early in the night, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are many bars and wine taverns for adventurists.

Vienna is the perfect city for a family getaway. This Austrian capital is filled with activities with things to do with kids in Vienna. In fact, Vienna is one of the most kid-friendly cities in Europe.

We traveled to Vienna with a baby and can confidently tell you that Vienna with kids is a blast. We took our 8-month old on our European trip and we were so impressed with the family-friendly public transport and activities.

The best way to see all these sites on a budget is through the Vienna city pass. We also recommend the Vienna City Card, which helps pay for all your public transport around Vienna and gives great discounts.

One of our favorite things to do with a baby in Vienna was the Schonbrunn Palace with its sprawling park and zoo. A lot of places to run around, perfect for the entire family!

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